Company VLL Internet Service

Virtual Leased Line (VLL) for Communications between Offices
Reliable high throughput data connections with low-cost & diverse transport technologies.

Executive Summary:

The TAICOJAPAN Broadband Bonding Network
Appliance (X-gate) enables businesses with branch offices to have
reliable high performance data connectivity between their branch
offices as well as between offices and datacenters.

Each branch office is enabled with this fast Internet pipe by bonding multiple
instances of cost-effective transport technologies such as DSL via

The Internet lines to be bonded may be from different
carriers for ISP diversity to increase reliability.

Additionally, Truffle provides the branch office facility with reliable, high performance
Internet access at a fraction of the cost of single provider

 The Virtual Leased Line (VLLTM), is a bonding solution for businesses that would like to connect to their colocations (colos) in multi-tenant Internet Data Centers (IDCs) or to connect to their branch offices.

When Truffle devices are paired over the public Internet (one at the head-quarter office and one at the branch office/colo), the Internet access pipes on each side will be bonded to create a virtual fat IP pipe that will connect the two locations. VLL is the most efficient and cost effective way to connect a colo/branch office to head-quarter office.

Various types of Internet access lines, from same or different Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can be bonded to create a virtual IP pipe that has high-performance, low cost and improved reliability. Truffles installed on branch office locations will enable bonding of up to 4,5,8 or 12 Internet access lines, providing improved bandwidth in both uplink and downlink directions.

Truffle also bonds the downlink HTTP traffic for faster Internet access at each of the locations from the public Internet.

Truffle provides this higher access capacity and more reliable point-to-point IP access at a cost much lower than alternative single Internet access lines.