Condo internet service.

Don’t settle for the slow speeds offered by other providers.
Our 10 mbps service delivers the Internet at speeds never before seen in a residential service, with 10mbps available in select buildings.

Historically only large corporations and service providers had speeds like this. No longer! Residents living in the buildings serviced by our network can lay claim to having the fastest residential service in Seattle.

We provide secure high-speed Internet service.

  • Payment a month
  • When purchasing a modem(price the 1,800 Baht) then install ation is on free.
  • Reduced 5% discount for customers at contract with the company at least.
  • We may change the conditions without prior notice.
  • All service changes should be prepaid.


Contact Telephone

Tel : 038-267-063
M.p : 084-914-3754

The best service for customers.